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G-4, Plot no:15, Gyan Khand-II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201014
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Welcome to Architects & Engineers Group

Where We Build Your Visions

We are one of the prominent Industry Leader in Architecture, Structural Engineering and  Interior Designing in Delhi NCR offering our value added services since many years and recognized for our expertize, passion to quality and utmost attention to clients satisfaction.
Our Group believes in creating unique spaces with elegant functionality, innovativeness and yet functional for all the user groups. We run with a customer-centric philosophy and love to follow the client’s needs and desires for each of the project that we undertake.

Who We Are.....

Architects & Engineers Group was established in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad in the year 2001 by two young and enthusiastic professionals – Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad, an Architect and Mr. Lala Ram, a Civil Architects & Engineers Engineer with an objective to provide innovative designs and structural engineering services at affordable prices. They put forth their passion to strive for continuous improvement in the field of Architecture, Interior Design & Structural Engineering

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What We Do ....

Architects & Engineers Group is known as the most sought after firm for Residential Architecture, Apartments/Office/Malls Architecture and Interior Design in Delhi NCR. Architects & Engineers Group is famous for Design and Execution of Modern Residential Houses, Apartments, Malls, Office Complexes without compromising on innovativeness in design and quality in execution.
The Group gives utmost importance to every detail of a project irrespective of the scale, to the clients’ satisfaction within the available time frame. It believes in giving highest importance to design process to achieve the same.
The Group offers Architecture, Interior Design and Structural Engineering services in the following categories: Residential, Commercial, Hospitals, Office Complexes, Apartments, and others.

Our Focus & Commitment

Architects & Engineers Group focuses on the functional and inspirational aspects of architectural space, thus developing modern, contemporary environments. We stand for a clear design where the form has been worked out in all its details.
Architects & Engineers Group wide spectrum of work includes in design, architecture and interiors. We have been working across Delhi NCR since 2002, designing at all scales for a variety of clients and conditions. We seek out projects that demand new and innovative solutions to the complex issues facing the world today.
We always strive to achieve high quality details upfront at the time of the design. While this requires us and customers to invest significant effort and time upfront, this pays off at the time of execution. We incorporate 'Quality' in the design stage, enabling right decision at the right time and thus leading to better buildings. Also Architects & Engineers Group utilizes its proprietary Quality control processes and accumulated knowledge from years in tis field to empower the client.

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Our Core Strengths

Our core strength is the ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients through Environmental & green oriented innovative concepts, Professionalized Services, Total Transparency and off course Complete Project to the satisfaction of the client.

Our Team

Mr. Sarfraj, an Architect and Interior Design expert with 10+ years of experience in Architecture and Interior Designing. He is known for his creative designs and well recognized as an experienced Architect in Delhi NCR.

Ar . Sarfraz

Mr. Lala Ram is a Civil Engineer who comes with 10+ years of robust industry experience in Civil & Structural engineering and has track record of delivering many mission mode projects within Delhi NCR.

Er . Lala Ram

Civil Engineer

Call us:+91 728-681-2491

Mail Us : support@architectsengineers.in

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Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers Group is a premier Consultancy Firm in Delhi NCR with core service offering in Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Interior Designing, executing Turnkey Projects and a renowned Valuer. The Group is known for our passion for quality and attention to client details and utmost satisfaction.


G-4, Plot no:15, Gyan Khand-II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201014
+91 728-681-2491

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